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Fans are among the most difficult works of art to restore because they present characteristics which it is essential to know and master. It is a matter of:

-preserving their specificity of being jointed work while preserving the suppleness of their sheets.

-ensuring the compatibility between the restoration materials and each of the materials included in these composite works.

-securing the lightness of the operations thanks to the very precise chromatic touching up- because these works are most of the time true masterpieces of miniaturization.

-thoroughly checking the impact of the operations undertaken on both sides of these works in order to prevent the interventions made on one side from transferring to the other.

Moreover, fans are very specific to their time and country of origin and their technique of making is witness to these historical features. Before restoring a fan, it is therefore vital to know its history so as to respect all these signs which authenticate it and increase its value.


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