Activities of the workshop l’Utile Zéphyr, situated in Vincennes

Specialized in the restoration and preservation of Graphic arts, the workshop L'Utile Zéphyr deals with all types of works made of paper, cardboard and parchment such as:

- posters, geographical maps, books, prints, postcards, playing cards, stamps, engravings and so on.

Especially competent in the treatment of composite and volume works, the workshop is regularly appealed to by museums, art galleries, collectors and antique dealers who entrust it with the restoration of:

- terrestrial and celestial globes, fans, sunshades, folding screens, game boxes or hat boxes. 

Moreover, the workshop L'Utile Zéphyr takes part in the staging of exhibitions (exhibition of Michel Quarez in the Forney Library), as well as preservation plan (preservation of the globes of Coronelli exhibited in the Bibliothèque Nationale de France (the French National Library)) etc.

Yolaine Voltz, the restorer responsible for this workshop is particularly specialized in the restoration of fans and on a regular basis gives lectures on their restoration, preservation and making. She is also called upon to present the various techniques of restoration and preservation of graphic works during different public or private symposiums.


Career and trainings of Yolaine Voltz, restorer in the workshop L'Utile Zéphyr

Having always loved art, Yolaine rapidly turned to the restoration and preservation of graphic arts. This job actually enables her to combine two of her main interests: art and science.

Holding the diploma "European master level 2" in restoration and preservation of graphic arts, she benefited from training in:

- The National Library [BNF], in the workshop restoring Great Sizes, the one restoring printed books, the one restoring monuments in loose leaves

-in the Louvre museum (in the workshop restoring graphic arts)

-in the Galliera fashion museum in Paris

-in the Fan museum in Paris

-in the Archives of the Château de Versailles

She is currently working for museums, antique dealers and collectors in France and Europe.


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