Restoration of fans

Restoration of Globes

Restorations of Documents

Two types of operations are possible in the context of preservation of a collection of graphic arts:

- Preventive preservation which aims at ensuring the preservation of the collection in the course of time by dealing with the storage requirements: optimization of the environment, storing in appropriate boxes or fitting out display cabinet,, frames…These precautions allow to anticipate the potential damage the works can suffer in the course of time or during some exceptional events such as exhibitions or transfer and thus favour their durability.

- Restoration, which takes place when the conditions of preservation have not been favourable to the work. It is then a question of acting while respecting the authenticity of the document with the agreement of its owner. The restoration of works of art is submitted to multiple rules which secure quality such as the reversibility of the operations performed, their full neutrality and compatibility with the nature of the work handled…Several types of restorations are available ranging from the “minimalist” which strictly provides against the spreading of existing and future damage, to the “delusive” one which aims at giving the original integrity and aestheticism back to the work. The workshop L’utile zephyr will offer the advice which can best meet the expectations of the owner of the work on what is to be done.



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